Arise moves on to compete on the Summit stage at The Phocuswright Conference in November. 


Arise Travel

Arise is a distributed network for hotels and the ecosystem of products and services around them. Our blockchain based technology lets hotels work directly with anyone that wants to sell hotel rooms in a trustworthy way.

Today, hotels send their room and rate information over intermediate networks that have been pieced together from third-party services each with their own APIs, data formats and local caches.

The difficulty of connecting to and establishing agreements with hotels has allowed these intermediaries to dominate hotel connectivity and take a large cut of hotel revenue for the service they provide.

Our goal is be the most direct path for data to flow between connected industry partners, bypassing existing intermediaries and providing superior connectivity free of charge.
This is possible because our architecture removes the need for centralized business logic and data storage.  As a result we’re able to drastically reduce our own network infrastructure and maintenance costs, while providing network participants with significantly more reliable, scalable and flexible infrastructure to build on.

The auditability of a distributed ledger gives all network participants a clear picture of who updated what. This will reduce the extreme amount of blame shifting between service providers that occurs on existing networks when something goes wrong.
Increased visibility for all participants, coupled with our minimal involvement in hotel support, will allow us operate a business model that provides cutting-edge connectivity for free to all network participants.

Arise was founded Q4 2017 by two industry veterans who have built and sold cloud-based PMS software and have a deep understanding of existing industry infrastructure and its shortcomings.