Arise moves on to demonstrate on the main stage during Summit at The Phocuswright Conference on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. 

Blockchain-based distribution network for hotels

Hotel communication, guest experience and employee management tools

NDC-based flight aggregation and merchandising platform

Chat/customer service solution for transportation companies

On-demand, subscription-based flight booking service

Search engine marketing platform for travel companies

Content discovery and vertical search platform with real-time prices and availability

Co-working retreats providing private accommodation, shared workspace and more

Flight routing technology enabling personalization and stopovers

Multimodal booking platform for South America

Standby Companies

AI-based personalization company for the travel industry

Changing the way you save for travel

2017 Battleground Innovators


These two companies moved on to demonstrate on the main stage during Summit at The Phocuswright Conference on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. 

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Virtual reality travel agency.

Oversold flight optimization and revenue maximization for airlines.

Scheduling and pricing optimiziation for the city-to-city bus industry.

Last-minute, space-available airline seats.

Predicts flight delays hours and even weeks before departure.

Patented sanitizing device for airline seats.

Chat/customer service solution for transportation companies.

Demand prediction platform for hotels and travel companies.

Eliminating paper vouchers for Tours & Attractions companies.

Verifies home rental guests as trustworthy with a $1,000,000 guarantee.

Beacon-powered inventory tracking and analytics platform for hotels.

Online marketplace connecting travelers with authentic food experiences.

Metasearch startup based in Medellín, Colombia.

Hotel price prediction and tracking app.

Blockchain-based B2B marketplace for travel inventory.

Community and marketplace for travelers focused on social impact.

Standby Companies

Lightweight travel policy enforcement for SME's.

P2P rental marketplace for baby gear.

Guest personalization and retention platform for hotels.

Automated accommodations solution for events organizers.