Knock Knock City

Knock Knock City is a platform that lets travelers securely store their bags and luggage in local businesses all around the US. Travelers have nowhere to leave their bags and luggage when waiting for the 3pm check-in, after checking-out at 12pm, during layovers, when staying at hostels and inconveniently located hotels, when shopping, attending conferences, concerts and festivals.

As the solution, Knock Knock City offers over 90 locations in 12 cities for travelers to store their bags and luggage to enjoy their day to the fullest with free hands. These decentralized locations are local businesses, such as boutique stores, co-working spaces, gyms, coffee shops, who leverage the extra private space in their store that they already pay rent for. Through joining the platform, businesses get increased foot traffic, gain new customers and generate supplemental revenue, for free. Knock Knock City also benefits vacation rental property managers by enabling faster turnarounds, simpler operations, and better guest experience.

All bookings are made online. Travelers choose a convenient location on the web-app and book. They receive a QR code confirmation, which the host (local business) scans upon pick-up and drop off to confirm activity. Hour calculations, payments and host transfers are all automated for scale. Bags are sealed with custom numbered zipties to ensure security, and each bag is insured. Knock Knock City is designed to let travelers carry less and do more while growing local economies.

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Selin Sonmez

Co-founder & CEO
Knock Knock City