Registration is sold out for the July 11 Battleground.


12:30 PM



Google's security is very tight at the campus. Plan to arrive between 12:30 and 12:45, ensuring enough time to check in with security.  Please use the 15th Street entrance on 8th Avenue.


1:00 PM



Doors Open


1:15 PM


WElcome + Opening

Pete Comeau, Phocuswright’s senior vice president, strategy and operations opens the event with a short presentation on the Phocuswright Innovation Platform and how it helps startups gain visibility



1:21 PM Matt Boney, CEO & Co-Founder, Daycation

1:30 PM Kenny Totten, Co-Founder, Bacarai

1:39 PM Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Co-Founder & CEO, Timeshifter

1:48 PM Kyle Wiggins, Co-Founder & CEO, Keteka

1:57 PM Jeremiah Myers, Co-Founder, Tastemakers

2:06 PM Selin Sonmez, Co-Founder & CEO, Knock Knock City

2:15 PM Norris Tie, Co-Founder and CEO, Exosonic

2:24 PM Duff Archie, Co-Founder, COO, OffWeGo

2:33 PM Saritta Hines, CEO, TrustaBit

2:42 PM Janice Sousa, Co-Founder & CEO, Groupdesk

2:51 PM Albert Poghosyan, CEO, 360 Stories


3:15 PM


Startups are Hard: Sam Shank, CEO & Co-Founder, HotelTonight

The talk will be focused on Sam's journey founding HotelTonight, including insight on the initial ideation of it, challenges, key milestones, strategies, and lessons learned along the way.


4:00 PM



Happy Hour & Awards


Congrats to our 2019 Winner:



The winner of Phocuswright Battleground is Exosonic - congratulations! They’ve won a spot on the Summit stage at The Phocuswright Conference this November! Learn more about The Phocuswright Innovation Platform.