Shep ( captures the corporate travel industry's blind spend and uses this previously missing data to help enterprises and TMCs understand, manage, and support employees who search and occasionally book business travel on consumer sites like Expedia, Airbnb, and Southwest (average of 33% of the time!) instead of through their corporate booking tool. This is done do this either through a one-time, retrospective leakage audit (the Rogue Report) or on an ongoing, real-time basis through an elegant, un-intrusive browser extension that captures travel behavior on more than 300 travel sites and booking data on more than 60.

Shep becomes the system of record and works within existing travel tech stacks to:

  • Understand how much, where, and why employees are searching and booking off-channel

  • Remind employees of policy and priorities, and nudge them to return to the booking tool

  • Capture off-channel booking data for duty of care (safety) and analysis purposes

  • Create more educated, empowered, and sophisticated travelers

  • Benchmark travel programs against industry standards

Shep is working on partnerships with several corporate travel agencies (Flight Centre already announced), and pilots with several Fortune 1000 companies.

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