SkyHi is the first on-demand, subscription-based service to reliably book last-minute seats on commercial flights at an affordable flat-rate price. We connect the rapidly growing demographic of gig-economy freelancers and nomadic business travelers with the 20% of unfilled capacity that plagues the commercial airline industry. We beat the industry average profit per ticket booking by 3x and are increasing our base of paid subscribers by 10% MoM.

There is a great inefficiency in the airline industry, leaving nearly 20% of seats empty worldwide. The habits of travelers are quickly changing to be more last minute, and current booking systems to not provide an adequate, streamlined way to do this inexpensively.

The missed revenue opportunity of airlines is nearly $200B. By targeting a growing demographic of travelers that are willing and able to travel spontaneously, we are helping recapture some of that missed revenue opportunity for airlines while providing a new tool to make it easier than ever to book tickets.

To solve the inefficiency in the airline industry, we showcase last minute flights to a select target of spontaneous travelers. With the membership model of $199 a month and flat rate pricing starting at $35 per flight, all costs are already known to a member. This solves frustration, creates predictability, and allows for more travel.

For airlines, it allows tickets that would otherwise go unsold to be filled by last minute travelers. Airlines make revenue on those seats, thus reclaiming some of the missed revenue opportunity they currently face.