Trip Ninja

Trip Ninja is on a mission to make travel easier to plan and afford, while making it more profitable for travel providers to distribute. Trip Ninja works with online travel agencies, consolidators, and traditional travel agencies to improve their multi-city revenues. Trip Ninja increases markups and conversions for these travel providers by leveraging their existing inventory with our algorithms.

Trip Ninja licenses two main products: FareStructure and FlexTrip. FareStructure finds the best way to break up multi-city tickets into multiple one-ways and open-jaws to lower the ticket price and increase the options available. FlexTrip carries out the FareStructure functionality and also finds the best way to rearrange a trip for travelers that are flexible in their route. Both of these products substantially lower ticket prices, allowing for greater markup opportunities. Given that multi-city trips are fairly unique, determining the right markup on each trip is very difficult. To solve this, Trip Ninja has a revenue management system that uses machine learning to determine the right markup for every trip. With FareStructure and FlexTrip, coupled with the revenue management system, Trip Ninja’s partners make substantially more revenue on every multi-city search, whether it comes from metasearch, their on-site traffic, or through a retail business. Trip Ninja’s business model is based on revenue-sharing the markups booked.

Trip Ninja is compatible with Travelport and Amadeus, and is working on a Sabre integration. Integrating new data sources like LCC aggregators is possible and is done on a partner by partner basis, at no additional cost.

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Andres Collart

Trip Ninja