TrustaBit is a flight disruption management solution that helps airlines harness the power of blockchain and smart contracts to improve the passenger experience with more timely notification and automated compensation for disrupted flights. The startup uses blockchain technology, powered by Hyperledger Fabric, to provide a seamless experience for both airline personnel and affected passengers.  The solution offers three modules that can streamline airline operations – IROPS notification, IROPS compensation, and EC261 compliance.   

TrustaBit’s smart contracts are designed to execute automatically once a triggering event – such as mechanical or weather delay – occurs. Notification is sent immediately to the passenger’s email and/or mobile device in advance of airport arrival or during flight connections.  

Following business rules set forth by the client airline, compensation redemption options are sent directly to passengers affected by flight disruptions via email and/or mobile device as soon as a triggering event occurs. Passengers can then claim compensation in the form of vouchers, miles or dollars (at the airline’s discretion) without queuing to speak with a gate agent.  Airline staff can now focus on escalations.  

EC261 Compliance  
TrustaBit offers a significant benefit to airlines with routes affected by European Union flight delay compensation regulation 261. A low-footprint software integration would allow the client airline to automate compensation based on regulatory specifications and could help avoid hefty fines.   

Created to alleviate friction in the travel ecosystem, TrustaBit aims to bridge a growing divide between airlines and their loyal passengers by simplifying IROPS management. The company also plans to add vendor partners such as rideshare and hotels to their blockchain to offer a complete experience. Unlike other startups, TrustaBit’s goal is not to disrupt the airline industry, but to reimagine, improve and rebuild it.  

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Saritta Hines