Voyhoy is a multimodal booking platform where travelers can compare and purchase bus, plane, train, and ferry tickets throughout South America. Local travelers face enormous problems traveling long-distances, with difficulties finding information online,  disproportionate access to purchase affordable tickets, and growing complexity with optionality in a fragmented environment. Voyhoy brings the world of South American transport online with a simple, mobile-friendly platform tailored for the South American consumer. In a single search, users can compare available options from A to B throughout South America, across transport modes, and purchase tickets from over 20 local payment options. Voyhoy prioritizes the consolidation of the most affordable tickets, like coach bus and low-cost flight, and even helps travelers discover new, creative ways for travelers to save money. Voyhoy’s “Smart Tickets” combine separate travel legs into single, digital tickets (ex: bus + flight), helping travelers save money and time against overpriced or inefficient trips, and provide transport options for routes where no direct trip existed beforehand.  

Unlike most sites that sell only airport to airport journeys, Voyhoy offers a wider range of locations, from megacities, to small towns, and points of interest. Voyhoy is by far one of the largest sources of intercity transport inventory in the region, plugged into over 300 local operators, across 90,000 routes, and 15,000 destinations, covering most of South America.  Voyhoy works directly with transport operators, streamlining their inventory into its platform, standardizing their data, and bringing many online for the very first time. Voyhoy helps these partners increase ticket sales and passenger occupancy through its online marketplace and distribution channels. Voyhoy also modernizes their technology, providing custom APIs. For select partners,  Voyhoy provides technology to increase their route coverage by interlining with other Voyhoy partners and advanced insights for route and pricing intelligence using Voyhoy’s robust data.